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Once there lived a man named Sam in the period of Babylonyon. He was born in a poor family. At the age of 10, she was made a slave instead of his father as his father was ill for his family off not clearing debts as a slave. He used to do whatever his masterContinue reading “MARRY MONEY”


I heard a 70 year old woman won marathon for money to get her husband treated. I heard a man built a whole forest by planting saplings day after day. I heard a man who destructed a mountain by a single for continuously 20 years on it which is a barrier to transport particularly forContinue reading “HOPE”

Life is beautiful

Part time work from 8am to 9am. Cricket from 9am to 10am. Movie from 10am to 1pm. Semester exam from 2pm to 4pm. Restaurant in the evening. How beautifully the life is moving!. But I didn’t know this while in depression. I was so obsessed with my dreams success. So then came doubts, suspicion andContinue reading “Life is beautiful”

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